Pumps & Equipment

Peakhurst Pool Shop stocks a great range of quality pool equipment and if we don’t have it in stock we can order it in and generally get it to you in days. We pride ourselves on offering value for money pool equipment that actually delivers. We can advise you on what equipment will be best suited for your particular situation.

Pool Pumps Choosing the right pool pump for your particular setup can be complex. You need to take into account the volume of the pool, the positioning of the pool (ie, will the pump be pumping water up hill to the filter box), the proximity of the pump in regard to your neighbours properties, the electricity usage of the particular pump and a range of other considerations. If you need a pump then we can help you choose the right pump for your situation and for your budget. We have a thorough understanding of what pumps are currently available on the market and can advise which one would be best suited to your situation.
Filter Box Covers Need a cover to hide all of that noisy pool filtering equipment? No problem, we can help out. Peakhurst Pool Shop can source a variety of filter box covers to dramatically reduce the noise coming from your pump or other equipment.
Sand & Cartridge Filters Sand or cartridge filter getting old and needs replacing? Here at Peakhurst Pool Shop we have a range of sand and cartridge filters available to suit pools of any size. If your sand filter just needs renovating then we can also provide you with sand plus a range of multi port valves.
Chlorine & Acid Feeders Tired of constantly adjusting your chlorine or acid? Why not opt for a fully automated chlorine and acid feeder. We can source a broad range of feeders to suit a variety of situations and budgets.
Salt Chlorinators Need a replacement chlorinator or are you converting from chlorine to salt water? It is important when picking a chlorinator that you pick one with a good self-cleaning function and one that has been tried and tested in Australian conditions. If you pick the wrong one then you could find yourself having to clean it regularly and being disappointed in its overall performance. We stock chlorinators to suit a range of pool sizes. We can also advise you on which ones require less maintenance and which ones offer the best value for money.
Pool Cleaners These days there is a huge variety of automated pool cleaners out there. Whether you are looking for a fully automated robotic cleaner, a pressure side cleaner or a suction cleaner, then we can help advise you in terms of what will be best in your situation.
Pool Blankets Pool blankets are great for keeping the heat in your pool, minimising your chemical usage and keeping leaves and sticks out of your pool. Here at Peakhurst Pool Shop we recommend Daisy Pool Blankets and rollers as we find them hard wearing, good value for money and they deliver what they promise.
Pool Heating Thinking about extending your swimming season by heating your pool? It’s a brilliant idea and there are a whole range of options available these days including gas, heat pumps and solar. All of these systems can perform really well in the right circumstances however in the wrong circumstances they can potentially disappoint. The trained staff at Peakhurst Pool Shop will be happy to assist you in picking the right heating system for your pool setup and your budget.
Pool Lighting The right pool lighting can absolutely transform the look of your pool at night. It can even extend the hours that your pool is available for use during the evening. We offer a range of lighting solutions for your pool and can assist with installation if required.
Parts & Accessories Peakhurst Pool shop stocks a broad range of spare parts. Whether you need to fix your pool cleaner or replace your hydrostatic valve we will likely have the part that you need in stock and if we don’t have it in stock we will be able to order it in for you. We can also provide you with a whole range of quality pool accessories, whether you need pool toys, cleaning equipment or replacement baskets we are here to help.