When it comes to chemicals that you put into your pool you need something that is firstly going to be safe and secondly is going to actually do what it says on the label. Unfortunately, while many of the chemicals that you can get from the large hardware chains are cheap a lot of them fall short when it comes to resolving your particular issue. Here at Peakhurst Pool Shop we supply quality chemicals that will get the job done. We are also happy to advise you on the best way to use these chemicals and the optimal conditions to get them to perform at their best.

Chlorine We can supply you with a variety of chlorine products, whether you want liquid chlorine, granular chlorine, stabilised or tablets we have cost effective quality solutions.
Salt Peakhurst Pool Shop offers quality salt at reasonable prices. Cheap salt can contain impurities and take forever to dissolve. We stock a fine grain salt that dissolves quickly and easily.
Algaecide Why mess around with a cheap algaecide when it may not work or may not be right for your situation. Our trained staff can recommend the right algaecide for your situation and help you get your pool back to crystal clear quicker.
Flocculants Flocculants are the chemical that you put in your pool when your pool is extremely cloudy or green. The flocculant binds the particles together and causes them to then settle on the floor of the pool making it easy for you to then vacuum them to waste. We stock a range of flocculants and we will have the right one to suit your specific situation.
Hydrochloric Acid We stock a range of acid products at reasonable prices.
Spa Range We stock a broad range of chemicals specifically designed for safe use in spas and hot tubs.

Other Chemicals

Whether you need chemicals to raise your PH, lower your PH, remove calcification, stabilise your pool or a variety of other tasks we will have or will be able to get what you need. Either pop in to the shop or call up one of our friendly staff members and we will be happy to help you out.